the limits


the limits

For 30 consecutive days performed within the confines of the Goodyear windows along College St., and set to an improvised score of movement and music.The window box becomes studio, study, and stage, bridging the gap between ritual, rehearsal, and performance practice.The effort invites dedication and possibility, while challenging limitations of space, visibility, and impermanence.

Note to self:

The confines of space define the movement that may be made, but you have no limits other than the box. Inside the box, attempt to get out of all the other boxes that you have made for yourself. The only box that exists is the physical; your body itself has no limits.

Do not create holds where none previously existed.Do not allow the learned holds to continue to take hostage the creative process.

Come to the space to learn. Come to the space to let go. Come to the space to explore. Come to the space to create. Come to dedicate yourself to the practice.


Duration installation at Goodyear Arts

November 5th-December 4th 2017,

20 minutes-2 hours each day

Video from Audience Members Cell Phones, Edited by Sarah Ingel

Soundscape by Sarah Ingel with Text by Alan Watts

Photo from Goodyear Arts