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about ladyfestCLT

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Women’s Showcase (now ladyfestCLT) was started in January of 2015 by Caitlyn Swett and Sarah Ingel, later joined by Megan Payne in 2016. Since its inaugural performance at the Neighborhood Theatre, Women’s Showcase has returned to perform at Goodyear Arts, and the Patricia McBride and Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux Center for Dance at Charlotte Ballet. Now in it’s fourth year, Women’s Showcase has facilitated performances by over 30 female artists, from 7 states, reaching an audience of over 1,000 patrons.

ladyfestCLT seeks to draw the public’s eye to the important work of female artists by facilitating a cross-disciplinary festival that features the women leaders of our arts community and beyond. The Charlotte artistic community has an incredible amount of performers and choreographers that deal with challenges on a day to day basis to present their work. ladyfestCLT brings female movement makers together with the goal of strengthening the community through shared space. Many of our performing venues have disappeared, cost too much for individuals groups, or are intended for concerts. Gathering for an evening of sharing, we aim to create a space that celebrates the accomplishments of female artists, specifically movement makers.  This festival will showcase performances by female choreographers and performance artists with the goal of  strengthening the performing arts community in Charlotte by bringing artists together and creating a dialogue between the audience and performers concerning work that is being made through the female lens.


about repCLT

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repCLT provides an immersive and interactive experience for working performance artists and audience members in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding region. Through exchange, repCLT advances the forms of dance, theatre, and experimental performance by providing a consistent and dedicated space for the construction and creation of contemporary performance work, while receiving feedback and guidance from audience and peers alike.

We believe contemporary performance work created in conversation with current social and economic contexts enriches Charlotte by utilizing live art as a catalyst for cultural discourse. repCLT’s vision establishes a home for makers and researchers, expanding the diversity of contemporary art practices, and crafting a performance community unique to Charlotte culture.


1. The support of performance art created through research, impacting the cultural identity of Charlotte.

2. Audiences engaging in the practice of viewing performance, activating deeper cultural understanding and cultivating awareness when discussing work as an audience member. We value the audience as integral to the feedback process to foster the relevancy and strength of the work.

3. Space for performing artists to create, and for audiences and artists to intersect and engage in discourse surrounding the role of performance in contemporary culture and society.

4. Advocacy for performance as a sustainable and necessary art form. We value artists as contributors to Charlotte culture and community, who must be compensated for their work.