fading filament


fading filament

How many does it take to change? Once a bulb has burned out, become obsolete, how do we collectively decide to make change? What is most powerful in igniting a new light? Fear? Love? Madness?

Is new better because it's different, or is it really just the same old fucking bullshit? What power must an igniter of new light hold?

Should we be radical and scream? Should we soften and listen? How can we be effective if we are alone? Does your power scare you? Because I'm terrified.


Created and premiered for Charlotte Ballet’s Choreographic Lab November 2017.

Performance photos/video from ladyfestCLT 2018 at Charlotte Ballet

Performed by Ben Ingel and Sarah Ingel (guests Nick Blankenship, Levin Huesler, & Lillian Willis)

Music by Dylan Gilbert, Lighting by J.P. Woodey

Video by Toby Shearer, Edited by Sarah Ingel

Photos by Taylor Skala