Sarah has worked as Costume Technician for the Charlotte Ballet since October of 2015, requiring the skills of machine stitching, hand stitching, crafting, head piece building, pleating, basic cutting and patterning, decoration, beading, fitting, altering, and some dressing/wardrobe duties. Recently she became the shoe manager for the 1st and 2nd company dancers, requiring organizational, managing, scheduling, inventory and ordering skills.

2015-2016 Season

Fall Works 2015

Four Seasons - Craft and Decoration work                                           Choreographed by Sasha Janes, Designed by Aimee Coleman                           

The Nutcracker, 2015

Choreographed by Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, December 2015

  • Snow Tutu - Assisted in tutu skirt build
  • Assisted in Fit, Alteration, Hand Stitching

Innovative Works, January 2016

Ballad Unto Choreographed by Dwight Rhoden - Craft and Decoration Work Designed by Aimee Coleman

Yamato Choreographed by Mark Diamond - Construction of Briefs, Dye Work Designed by Aimee Coleman

Omologia by David Ingram - Assisted in Construction, Fit and Alteration Designed by Aimee Coleman

Sketches from Grace by Sasha Janes - Assisted in Fit and Alteration       Designed by Katherine Zywczyk

The Little Mermaid

Choreographed by Mark Diamond, Designed by Aimee Coleman, March 2016 

  • Turtle Shell, Hermit Crab Shell, Sea Anemone, Sea Horses, Undertow Boots, Accents/Decorations

Spring Works 2016

Bop Doo Wah Choreographed by Dwight Rhoden- Stitching, Fit, Alteration    Designed by Christine Darch

Who Cares? by George Balanchine (Staged by Patricia McBride) -          Pleating, Decoration, Fit and Alter                                                                Designed by Aimee Coleman                    

Summer Intensive 2016 Student Showing

  • Fit, Alteration, and Finish of over 200 costumes for students ranging in age from 8-18
  • Construction and Decoration


2016-2017 Season

Fall Works 2016

The Groove - Fit and Alteration                                                              Choreographed by Dwight Rhoden, Designed by Aimee Coleman

Minus 16  - Fit, Alteration, Dresser for Rehearsals                                         Choreographed and Designed by Ohad Naharin (Staged by Erez Zohar)

The Nutcracker, 2016

Choreographed by Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, Designed by Holly HynesDecember 2016, Brand new build with donation from the McColl family

  • Soldiers, Angels, Clara's Friends, Coffee Corp - Assisted in Patterning and Cutting, Stitching, Hand Stitching
  • Fit, Alteration & Decoration for all other pieces

Innovative Works, January 2017

Ever After Choreographed by Mark Diamond - Construction, Fit, and Finish Designed by Katherine Zywczyk

Flamouria by David Ingram - Assisted in Patterning and Cutting, Stitching, Fit, Alteration, Decoration                                                                                                   Designed by Aimee Coleman

Flamouria Choreographed by David Ingram, Designed by Aimee Coleman

Sleeping Beauty

Choreographed by Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux,  March 2017

  • Construction of new Carabosse bodice, and new Garland Girl Dresses
  • Fit, Alteration, and Organization of over 700 costume pieces


Spring Works, April 2017

  • Wuthering Heights by Sasha Janes - New Build
  • MAP by Alonzo King - Fit and Alter

Inspired Works, June 2017

Charlotte Ballet at The American Dance Festival, June 2017