one hundred ways to say no

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one hundred ways to say no

Exploring the way we question systems, how power is enacted on a body, and performance as a site for resistance.


Created for Charlotte Ballet’s Choreographic Lab 2019 as a part of Charlotte Ballet's 2018/2019 Season.

Performed by Raven Barkley, Josh Hall, Ben Ingel, Peter Mazurowski, Elizabeth Truell, and Shaina Wire

Music by Dylan Gilbert, Lighting by Rick Moll

Costumes by Sarah Ingel

Video by James Wiley, Edited by Sarah Ingel

Performed May 16-18, 2019

Day and Night, the partners of Fear, are anxiously preoccupied with telling themselves and their subordinates the right half-truths … It takes about six half-truths to make a lie. As a result, they become unfamiliar with reality, whilst continuing to dream about, and of course to exercise, power. They continually have to absorb shocks whilst accelerating. Decisiveness becomes their invariable device for preventing the asking of questions.
— -- John Berger, Hold Everything Dear

Photos by Taylor Skala